About Post City Magazines

Over the past 25 years we have been committed to producing unique, high-quality publications, that report on the news, people and lifestyles of Toronto’s most affluent neighbourhoods. Our magazines are dynamic, award-winning, stitched and trimmed publications that blend the editorial traditions of a community newspaper with the lifestyle focus of a glossy city magazine.

Now, with the addition of our website, our voice is even louder and stronger. Not only does postcity.com feature the popular Joanne Kates list of the 100 best Toronto restaurants, we also offer some of the best food coverage in the city, as well as up-to-date news on Toronto’s arts and fashion scenes. In addition, we cover the city’s hot button local issues with regular columns by Toronto’s biggest movers and shakers. And as always, we invite our readers to offer feedback and commentary on our posts. Postcity.com is the definitive hub for all things Toronto.

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