Best places to spot a G20 leader in Toronto

Let’s not kid ourselves. With the $1 billion price tag attached to the summit, the chances that you are going to see any of the G20 leaders, let alone get close enough to enjoy any of the following activities alongside them, is basically a joke.

That said, for the curious citizens amongst us, we’ve compiled the following list of long shot hangouts for some political powerhouses.

Barack Obama

Kensington Market

On his trip to our nation’s capital back in February 2009, Obama made a quick stop in Ottawa’s ByWard Market to indulge his sweet tooth with a beaver tail and some cookies.

For this trip, St. Lawrence Market seems like the easy answer. However, being the "man of the people" leader that Obama is, our money is on a Sunday stroll through Kensington Market. After being inside all weekend, Obama can enjoy a sidewalk stroll and shop for that elusive vintage Chicago White Sox jersey at spots like Courage My Love (14 Kensington Ave., 416 979 1992).

Silvio Berlusconi

A byproduct of having one of the world’s most culturally diverse populations, Toronto is, simply put, full of beautiful women. Cue the Jaws theme music.

Hanlan’s Point

The clothing optional beach at Hanlan’s Pointh seems like the sensible spot for the Italian Stallion for a couple of key reasons. First off, the beach’s relaxed attitude will make the European feel right at home. Secondly — on the off chance that anyone has actually been able to make it to the island — the possibility of seeing some sun kissed skin exists. And of course, if all else fails, there’s always the bike rentals to keep him entertained.

Jacob Zuma

This one’s simple. As South Africa plays host to the beautiful game’s biggest event, Zuma will be stuck inside meetings, most likely without the comfort of cable television.

Toronto FC vs. LA Galaxy

No doubt craving a little footy action, we place Zuma squarely within the supporters section of Saturday evening’s soccer match, as hometown side Toronto FC play host to the LA Galaxy. Sure, the quality of football might not be as high, but we’re pretty sure there will be fewer vuvuzelas. BYOB Jacob, the Carlsberg is a little on the steep side.

Julia Gillard

Recently appointed as Australia’s first female Prime Minister, Gillard has taken a lot of flack lately linked to, of all things, her hair. Australia’s The Daily Telegraph recently said that Gillard "appears not to have bad hair days but a bad hair life."

W Lifestyle & Parlour Salon

In case the Aussie leader decides to try a new fashion for her follicles, look for her locks in one of the many stylish salons in the city’s west end, including W Lifestyle (721 Queen St. W., 416 361 9777) or Parlour Salon (6 Ossington Ave., 647 345 6663). Sure, these might seem a little upscale for the head of state that hails from a coal mining home, but when you take the high seat, it’s time to switch things up a little.

Nicolas Sarkozy

After his wife left him in October, 2007, Sarkozy began a very publicized romance with model-turned-singer Carla Bruni, marrying her a mere three months after they met. Recently, he presented Dior designer John Galliano with the prestigious Legion of Honour Award for his work. Clearly, this is one Frenchman who knows his fashion.

Brian Bailey, Andy The-Anh

Look for this lover of all things beauty at some of the staples of Toronto fashion, including the Andy The-Anh (27 Bellair St., 416 922 9553 and 2901 Bayview Ave., 416 590 0167) and Brian Bailey (875 Queen St. W., 416 516 7188 and 2901 Bayview Ave., 416 221 3355).