Daring Series: From Canada to Mexico on foot


We all dream of dropping everything to pursue our passions.As part of our Daring Series, Post Citychatted to theTorontonianswho actually did. Find out why they think you should too #PostCityDaring

A globetrotter at heart, Jordan Bower’s love of travel took him to places like Thailand, Australia and India throughout his twenties.

After watching Take a Seat — a film about a man biking from Alaska to Argentina on a tandem bicycle, offering rides to people he met along the way — the Earl Haig grad embarked on the journey of a lifetime: a 316-day walking trip from Canada to Mexico.

He walked alone down the coast through Washington, Oregon and California to the Mexican border.

Through the people he met along the way, the trip opened Bower’s eyes to the idea that everyone has a story to tell.

“The more I talked to people, the more I would learn that not only do we have stories, but we live in our own stories,” he says.

Bower believes that all people will benefit from doing something that gives them perspective on the life they are living and why.

“A retreat doesn’t need to last a year, but it does need to deliver some important and deeply personal insight about what you’re doing on this planet.”