Daring Series: The globe-sailing family of three


We all dream of dropping everything to pursue our passions.As part of our Daring Series, Post Citychatted to theTorontonianswho actually did. Find out why they think you should too#PostCityDaring

Delphine McCourt and her husband Robert first set sail on their boat Wahkuna in July 2013.

With their mutual desire to experience new places and a new way of life, they left their jobs (she was a French teacher, and he retired from his post as a director of engineering) and sold literally everything they owned (house, car, furniture and most of their clothes and belongings) to move to their boat full-time.

Their first cruise was down to the Sea of Cortez on the west coast of Mexico.

While in Mexico, they found a stray dog who wouldn’t leave their sides. He instantly became part of their family, and he, Güero, is the voice of their blog.

Currently they are anchored at Simonette Sur Mer north of Port au Prince, Haiti, on their journey toward the U.S. Virgin Islands.

“Our long-term plan is to make it to Europe. We have been full-time cruisers for the last four and a half years, and we hope to continue cruising in Europe where it will be easier to visit family and friends,” says McCourt.