Mamakas Taverna

Mamakas Taverna brings fresh, authentic Aegean cuisine to Queen and Ossington. This Greek taverna is designed to mimic an open market in a space built of white concrete blocks, resembling the white stucco seen throughout Greece. The menu brings a modern twist to honest Greek fare with a nod to heritage, history, and family memories. Recipes have been passed down through generations and crafted to evoke the feelings of grandma’s cooking.

Mamakas Taverna
80 Ossington Ave., Toronto ON M6J 2Y7
P: 416-519-5996

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Beef Heart Souvlaki: Grilled beef heart, roasted onions, clay pepper, oregano and tzatziki

Sheftalia: Caul fat wrapped offal sausage, buffalo yogurt, charred green onion and pepper

Paxos on Toast: Pickled green tomato, anchovy, cured pork fat and fried bread

Chris Kalisperas

Chris Kalisperas, Executive Chef of Mamakas Taverna was born and raised in Toronto. While living in Cyprus, Kalisperas found his passion for Greek cuisine. The variety of flavours can be found in his seasonal menus.

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