Raca Cafe & Bar

Chef Ivana Raca will dazzle you with French and Italian-inspired dishes. She brings her training and expertise from The McEwan Group restaurants to Parkdale. Enjoy your tapas in the peace and serenity of Raca’s Bali-inspired space or retreat outside to dine on the back patio under the twinkling lights.

Raca Cafe & Bar
1704 Queen Street W., Toronto ON M6R 1B3
P: 416-901-9951

Website | Instagram


Bone Marrow Arancini: Veal bone marrow stuffed arancini garnished with fresh herbs and Parmigiano Reggiano served with house-made pear jam

Bacon Wrapped Medjool Dates: Bacon-wrapped medjool dates stuffed with stilton and aged balsamic

Spicy Peruvian Pork Meatballs: Spiced pork meatballs covered in a Peruvian tomato pepper sauce

Ivana Raca

Ivana Raca was a protégé of Chef Mark McEwan for 10 years; working as a former Executive Chef at McEwan’s at the age 24 and Sous Chef of ONE Restaurant. She was inspired by her Mediterranean roots and brings flare into her newly opened Raca Café & Bar.

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