163 Spadina Ave.
ON, M5V 2L6


About the Restaurant

Elia Herrera, of Los Colibris and El Caballito, is one of the
chefs who placed Alo on her list of top T.O. restaurants.

POST CITY'S TAKE: There's a reason (OK, many reasons) why Alo was selected as the top restaurant by our panel of culinary experts. Elegance and discipline are the name of the game at this semi-hidden third floor Chinatown retreat. If, somehow, you manage to get a seat here, go all out. Order one of the tasting menus and let the meticulous chef, Patrick Kriss (above), treat you to a parade of sublime French (yet Japanese-influenced) dishes like pork belly, fresh scallops and foie gras terrine paired with expertly selected wine. Plus John Bunner's cocktail menu is a must-sip in its own right.


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