163 Spadina Ave.
ON, M5V 2L6


About the Restaurant

Devin Connell, of Delica Kitchen, is one of the chefs who
placed Aloette on her list of top T.O. restaurants.

POST CITY'S TAKE: Aloette is the glossiest diner you ever did see. The neighbouring younger sib to our number one resto, Alo, is much more than a place to grab customer runoff. This sure ain't a spot for the bed-headed crowd to shuffle into. A well-dressed patronage tucks into polished comfort grub that you may eat with a fork. There's that scarfable Beaufort-topped burger with fries and the nostalgic iceberg wedge salad, as well as bistro fare like a foie gras terrine and on-trend sea-urchin-on-toast seasoned with some spicy-acidic yuzu kosho. There's also cold-pressed juice for those on a health kick. What other diner offers up such a bev and a bevvy of delights?


  • Denver | 1400 Jackson St.