Branca (now closed)

1727 Dundas St. W.
ON, M6K 1V4


About the Restaurant

Anthony Walsh, of O & B Restaurants, is one of the chefs
who placed Branca on his list of top T.O. restaurants.

POST CITY'S TAKE: When it comes to a good hunk of meat grilled to perfection, the Argentines seem to know a thing or two. The kitchen at Branca embraces the Argentine tradition of cooking over a live fire. In fact, this is the only eatery in Canada using the "al asador" style where large cuts and whole animals are trussed up on steel crosses and roasted over hardwood and Argentine lump charcoal. The end result is a smoky undertone and charred crust on a steak that could easily run you $150. And if you want to see where the magic happens, you can ask your server for a tour of their "casa del fuego."For those with less carnivorous cravings, try the empanadas or the zucchini flowers stuffed with mushrooms and house-made ricotta.


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