604 King St. W.
ON, M5R 0A1


About the Restaurant

Patrick Kriss, of Alo and Aloette, is one of the chefs who
placed Bucaon his list of top T.O. restaurants.

POST CITY'S TAKE: You'll be hard-pressed to find a foodie in this town that hasn't heard of Rob Gentile. It's safe to say that the chef-restaurateur is one busy guy, palling around with Jamie Oliver, plotting foodie retreats in Umbria and heading up a food company in addition to holding exec chef duties at a handful of restos. But his original Buca—on the buzzy King West strip —is where it all began. Everybody still adores the nodini, glistening with EVOO, and the toothsome duck egg bigoli swimming in a ragu of duck offal. But let's not forget the rotating house-cured salumi, which may include soppressata and prosciuttini, and that whole fish branzino with preserved lemon and bariole olives. There's a reason the place has been hopping since 2009.


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