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  • In Kensington Market, tourists line up for glitzy, Instagrammable food shops while the jewel of the neighbourhood remains hidden by the facade of a Latin American grocery store. But, past racks of corn chips and masa, beyond the fridge filled with queso fresco and chorizo and the freezer hiding aji Amarillo and aji rocoto, is

  • Some measure food by how hard it is to stop thinking about it. And Faley's gan-ben beef, fried nubs of meat encased in a sugary coating (let's not pretend it's anything else that makes it sweet) is embedded in my brain's craving centre. Every time we come here, we say we're going to order vegetables

  • Gyro pita.  

  • Clubhouse sandwich.

  • Madras chicken roti.  

  • CHEF’S PICK: Cory Vitiello, of Flock, is one of the chefs who placed Giulietta on his list of top T.O. restaurants.    POST CITY’S TAKE: When chef Rob Rossi closed the doors to his Bestellen, it wasn’t for lack of interest. Rather, the beloved meat haven had kinda run its course, and chef Rossi was

  • CHEF’S PICK: Nuit Regular, of Kiin and Pai, is one of the chefs who placed Grey Gardens on her list of top T.O. restaurants.    CHECK OUT THIS WRITE-UP ON GREY GARDENS FROM THE POST CITY ARCHIVES (below). It goes without saying that Jen Agg is a polarizing figure. Love her (she’s a badass woman in a tough industry)

  • Beef dip sandwich.

  • Roast pork (or fried crabs, if they have them that day).

  • The cowlerie (double burgers with bacon and caramelized onions, served between grilled cheese sandwiches). CHECK OUT THIS WRITE-UP ON HOLY CHUCK FROM THE POST CITY ARCHIVES (below). Holier than the Priest, Chuck’s mission is that same all-American flat-top burger with American cheese on a buttered bun. We’re wowed by their signature The Holy Chuck: Two fat

  • There are so many good (and filling) things to eat at Hopper Hut that it’s disrespectful to come here without a crew. Start with hoppers, a crepe-like batter cooked into a bowl shape, eaten with chili/coconut chutneys and curries. From there, get a bowl of mild mutton curry and blast furnace-spicy crab curry, with roti

  • CHEF’S PICK: Drew Ellerby, of One Restaurant, is one of the chefs who placed Il Covo on his list of top T.O. restaurants.    CHECK OUT THIS WRITE-UP ON IL COVO FROM THE POST CITY ARCHIVES (below). Little Italy has long been the go-to place for authentic, old-school, Italian cooking. That is, until Il Covo came

  • The sign out front says Macelleria, which means butcher. So technically this is a taqueria within a butcher shop. But it's more the other way around, as the kitchen in the front takes up more space than the display fridge at the back filled with chicken livers and goat legs. Between tacos made with fresh

  • CHEF’S PICK: Devin Connell, of Delica Kitchen, is one of the chefs who placed Joso’s on her list of top T.O. restaurants.    CHECK OUT THIS WRITE-UP ON JOSO’S FROM THE POST CITY ARCHIVES (below). Of all the places to eat in Toronto, why do people still flock to Joso’s? It’s sure not because of the old

  • Cold Tea was nearly a self-parody staple of Kensington Market: a dingy bar with a semi-secret entrance and loud industry patio cookouts in the summer. The owners, having outgrown the legal headaches of the tailgate party atmosphere, have transformed the space into a slick restaurant with the requisite high chairs and neon lights. Partnering with

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    CHEF’S PICK: David Lee, of Planta and Nota Bene, is one of the chefs who placed Kaji on his list of top T.O. restaurants.    POST CITY’S TAKE: A stretch of Etobicoke a stone’s throw from a Costco isn’t where you’d assume one of the city’s — not to mention Canada’s — top sushi restaurants would

  • 17 Kiin

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    CHEF’S PICK: Zane Caplansky, of Caplansky’s Deli, is one of the chefs who placed Kiin on his list of top T.O. restaurants.    CHECK OUT THIS WRITE-UP ON KIIN FROM THE POST CITY ARCHIVES (below). Anyone who has been to Thailand can easily conjure up sticky nights spent at food stalls. There, heaping portions of

  • This fluorescent-lit room located at a chaotic intersection is not a great place to sit down for a romantic meal, but the Pakistani cuisine is outstanding and ideally suited for takeout or delivery. Owner Mehood Meer (known as Mr. Butt) has a deft hand with ginger, coriander, butter, cumin and fenugreek. When something is spicy