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  • CHEF’S PICK: Top Srisomphan, of Khao San Road, is one of the chefs who placed Sud Forno on her list of top T.O. restaurants.   

  • Spicy wonton in chili oil.

  • The Beast Style griddle-smashed burger. CHECK OUT THIS WRITE-UP ON THE STOCKYARDS FROM THE POST CITY ARCHIVES (below). It’s matured into a haven of porcine pleasures They only fire up the smoker Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, so ribs are on offer from 5 p.m. on those days. They sell out around 6:30, so call at 5,

  • Milanesa sandwich (chicken, refried beans, avocado). CHECK OUT THIS WRITE-UP ON TORTERIA SAN COSME FROM THE POST CITY ARCHIVES (below). Enter through the painted glass doors of Torteria San Cosme and it’s as if you’ve never left the street. Depending on the day, it’s warmer and drier, but the bustle of Kensington Market is sustained. The

  • CHEF’S PICK: Ness Levy, of Short & Sweet Bakeshop, is one of the chefs who placed Trattoria Nervosa on his list of top T.O. restaurants.   

  • Puri, hollow pastries filled with potatoes, yogurt, tamarind sauce and mint.  

  • 7 Union

    Top 50

    CHEF’S PICK: Anthony Rose, of Rose & Sons Deli and Bar Begonia, is one of the chefs who placed Union on his list of top T.O. restaurants.    POST CITY’S TAKE: It’s hard to find a Torontonian who hasn’t dined out on Ossington. The west end stretch, laden with restos and bars and bars masquerading

  • Smoked meat sandwich. CHECK OUT THIS WRITE-UP ON WHEN THE PIG CAME HOME FROM THE POST CITY ARCHIVES (below). Kimberly Hannam and Ryan Getner started selling their peameal bacon sandwiches at farmer’s markets across Toronto over 4 years ago – Sorauren, Downsview, Annex and Leslieville, to name a few – but now the pork has come

  • The owners of this 29-seat diner don’t make a big deal of it, but they smoke their own pastrami, ferment their own pickles and bake their own bread. They even make doughnuts, in different flavours, every day. And the attention to detail, quality and freshness pays off. Everything on their concise menu — smoked turkey

  • 10 Yasu

    Top 50

    POST CITY’S TAKE: At Harbord’s jewel of a sushi restaurant, Yasuhisa Ouchi serenades his patrons bite by bite. Chef can be found behind the bar night after night, carefully preparing each piece of the omakase meal. Here, $110 gets you about 20 courses, starting with apps, like the delicacy shirako, before progressing to sashimi and