Too Close to Call: Beast York vs. Scarboro

T.O. is awash in urban streetwear, and the suburbs are repping their own ’hoods as a hot Scarborough brand takes on a feisty East York label.

We’re based inside the boundary of what was known as old East York. From our front door we can see the stack of the Michael Garron (Toronto East General Hospital)

From where in the east do you hail?​

I’m originally from Victoria Park and Sheppard Avenue in Scarborough.

Halloween night, 2015, the night the Jays were eliminated by the Royals. When did you launch your brand? The brand was founded in 2008, but you could say we “officially” launched in 2012.
Toronto has always been seen as a second-tier city. Now with our music, art, culture and media, we’re finally showing the world why we’re the best city. Why does Toronto literally love to wear its love on its sleeve? Whatever your job is, we’re all creatives at our own craft, and we embrace it through the city that continues to inspire us. We can’t forget that.
Kids have a lot less money in East York, so you don't see many popular U.S. brands here. People rely on true street fashion, a blend of looks that creates a unique style. What’s the difference in street styles between east and west of Yonge? Personally, I don’t really pay attention to all that, but Queen Street kids tend to dress really flashy. In Scarborough, you don’t get too many people trying to swag out.
This is a tough question. If I was a true blue East Yorker, I’d say the Detroit Eatery, but I gotta go where I eat the most, and that’s Kalyvia. Best Greek food on the D. Best place to eat in your ’hood? I’ve been going to Johnny’s Hamburgers since I was in high school. They’re known for their home-style burgers. If they recognize your face, they’ll know your order.