Toronto's best Paella and Stroopwafels for World Cup final

With Spain and Netherlands set to fight for football's ultimate prize in the World Cup final this Sunday, we investigate the best each nation has to offer in terms of nosh.

Sure, a nice cold can of Grolsch or a glass of Monastrell-based red are required, but you're going to want a little more substantial sustenance in your stomach. Here are our picks, one savoury and one sweet, for what to snack on.


Dish: Paella

Originating in its modern form in the 1800's near Valencia on Spain's east coast, the word paella derives from the Latin word patella for pan, describing the large cookware the dish is usually prepared in.

Traditionally, the dish, —which can include combinations of meats such as chicken, rabbit or duck, along with snails and seafood — is prepared over an open fire, fueled with pine and orange branches and pine cones to produce aroma to flavour the dish.

Cava's version combines duck, snails and chorizo simmered with bomba rice, saffron and garlic and requires 40 minutes to cook.

Served for groups of two or more – $23 per person.

Cava, 1560 Yonge St., (416) 979-9918


Food: Stroopwafel

First made in Gouda in the late 1700's, the stroopwafel – or "syrup waffle" – is made from two thin layers of batter baked with a caramel-like syrup.

Originally made using bakery leftovers, the snack became a city favourite — in the 1800's there were more than 100 waffle bakers in Gouda, which was the only city in which the waffles were made until 1870.

Package of six or seven – $2.25.

Niemeyer Imports Inc., 10 East Wilmot St., (905) 764-0302