Toronto’s cads and scoundrels

Shining a light on the city’s shenanigans that made news in 2017

Controversial University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson made headlines and garnered criticism for his refusal to use gender-neutral pronouns.

York Region School Board trustee Nancy Elgie resigned from her position after she used the “N” word in public to parent Charline Grant following a meeting.

When Hal Niedzviecki declared he didn’t believe in cultural appropriation in his essay “Winning the Appropriation Prize,”it was wrong, and it cost him his job.

Despite protests, GTA company ClubLinkis hoping to pave over historic Glen Abbey golf course to make way for a housing development.

Somehow, some way, the North Rosedale Residents’ association got a perfectly functioning stop sign removed from Glen Road inadvertently helping speeders.

The developers building a condo tower beside John Fisher Public School were caught leaving a gate to the construction site open as kids walked home from school.

Toronto councillor Giorgio Mammoliti, an outspoken budget critic, came under fire recently for expensing $4,700 for a 4-day conference, including a five-star hotel stay.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Toronto Centre, was in hot water over tax measures targeting small business and a perceived conflict of interest over Bill C-27.

Ontario Liberals couldn’t catch a break this year, as even spending $120,000 on a giant rubber duck to float around the province was criticized. Wait, that is a bad idea.

Toronto Blue Jays centrefielder Kevin Pillar displayed serious insensitivity last season using a homophobic slur during a game.