Valdez is creating a Latin street party on King, and everyone is welcome! Vibrant colours, a festive atmosphere and the sizzling sounds of an open kitchen come together to bring Latin street culture to Toronto. Enjoy authentic street eats with big bold flavours courtesy of Chef Steve Gonzalez of Top Chef Canada.

606 King St. W., Toronto, ON M5V 1M6
P: 416-363-8388

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Valdez Empanada: Ground beef with potato, peas, Latin-inspired spices, tomato, cornmeal and aji

Langua a la Veracruzana: Braised beef tongue, tomatoes, capers, olive and crisp corn tortilla

La Reina: White cornmeal arepa and smoked chicken guacamole

Steve Gonzalez

Chef Steve Gonzalez has made it his mission to bring South America’s dynamic food culture to downtown Toronto. Valdez, his first project as a restaurateur, became an immediate hit on King West by delivering a vibrant mix of bold flavours, tasty booze and Latino street vibe. A former fan favourite on Top Chef Canada, Steve has worked in restaurants for over 25 years, honing his craft in Toronto, BC, Hong Kong and Miami.

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